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B&T Energetics OSA
by MadMick on January 27, 2017, 04:53:00 PM
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Hi Ladies and gents.

Just a quick note to ask you all if you could please double check all your information you have given to the club is all up to date, things like home address, phone number, email address, singe member or Family members, whether you still want to be in the club or not, if not, could you please leave a quick note as to why.

There was a bit of a glitch in the process of importing the old Access database info into the new database software so were are a bit lost with a few of the members, I thought this would be the easiest and quickest way to get all the info up to date.

If you could also confirm if you are financial or not, this one we have most of the info no worried but it doesn't hurt to double check.

For privacy reasons, if you can reply to this email address (especially set up for this exercise) that would be great, once we have all your details listed, the email address will be shut down again,

Send email here

The Committee is currently working on ways to entice members to stay and also trying to find ways to get more members to join, I'll be the first to say that the Committee has not always been on their toes in this department, but again, we are all volunteers and the pay is dead set lousy. So if you have any thoughts on how we can improve the club, then please put that in the same email and I'll assure you it will be taken into consideration.

Thanks for any info you can can supply us with, especially email and home addresses as many of our membership renewals and member cards are returning with "not at this address".

As an addition to this document, AHNi now include $12k firearms insurance for all members, if you want to increase that to $25k, it will cost you an extra $10.00 PA. This is a great offer for anyone thinking of joining a hunting club.

Thank you for you cooperation.


MadMick on behalf of all the AHNi Committee team

by MadMick on September 18, 2016, 10:18:00 AM
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It is with a heavy heart that yet again this week I have to announce the passing of another fellow shooter and hunter and a very close mate.

Matt Graham passed away after a massive heart attack overnight on the 18th September 2016, he will be dearly missed by Family, friends and
shooters across the Country as well as in many Countries all over the World.

The news of his passing this morning has been a shock to everyone who knew him.

Matt spent most of his adult life taking the fight for shooters rights as far as one person possibly could
He was the Vice President of Australian Hunting Net Incorporated, The Hunting club side of AHN, and was of course instrumental in its creation.

He was very heavily involved with The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party in NSW and the NT. His knowledge of all things to do with shooting, hunting
and the NSW Firearms Act and Regulations will be a great loss to our community.

On behalf of AHN and AHNi, I sadly pass on our sympathy and condolences to Matt's Wife Millie, and kids Harry, Lily & Lewis
and all his Family and friends.

Memorial Service of Thanksgiving to be held at The Armidale School Chapel, on Friday, 23rd September 2016 commencing at 2:00pm.

RIP Matt, and thanks for all you have done for Australian shooters and hunters.

Matt Graham doing what he loved doing, being out in the bush

A fitting poem sent in anonymously

I can no longer answer the call of the hunting-horn
And I've traveled my last weary mile,
Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned
And remember only the smile.

Forget unkind words I have spoken
Remember the good I have done.
Forget that I ever had heartache
And remember I've had loads of fun.

Forget that I've stumbled and blundered
And sometimes fell by the way.
Remember I've have fought some hard battles
And always carried the day.

Forget to grieve for my passing,
I would not have you sad for a day,
But in summer gather some flowers
And place them down where I lay.

When the shadows dance in the evening
When the sun paints the sky in the west
Stand for a few moments beside me
And remember only my best.
by MadMick on April 17, 2015, 06:15:00 AM
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Clayton Dodwell was travelling home from footy training April 2015 when his vehicle struck a cow. As a result Clayton has sustained among other injuries, major spinal injuries and is lucky to be alive, due to the severity of his injuries he has been airlifted to Sydney for medical treatment.

Clayton was born in the Tumbarumba district and is a well respected and valued member of the community. He loves his pig hunting and time in the bush chasing brumbies and riding the hills of the Snowy mountains.

He is a talented polo cross player who has gone on to represent Australia in the sport. The son of a local drover and stockman, the bush is in his blood. As he is a member of the Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association (APDHA), we have been approached by members of his community, fellow hunters and friends to help with the effort to raise funds to support Clayton and his family in this time of need.

We are all hoping Clayton makes a full recovery, but due to the injuries this will be a long and arduous road for the young man.

So here is the place where all other hunters and non hunters can come together to help contribute to help support Clayton in what will be a very testing and expensive time for him and his family.

Support can be made via the link below;

Donate at GoFundMe

Donate at APDHA
by MadMick on October 19, 2014, 05:20:00 PM
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Hi Guys,

If you want to make a difference and keep using your firearms in the future and even want your kids to enjoy the outdoors, shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and 4 wheeling?

Now is the time to spend a lousy $30.00 and join The Shooters and Fishers Party, the only mob of people in the Country fighting for you to keep doing so.

Click here and do it now, tell your mates, ask your Wife/GF, your kids and Family members. There has never been a better time than now to get Political.

by MadMick on September 11, 2014, 09:13:00 AM
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Hi Guys,

Shooters and Fishers Party


Hit this if you haven't already,

Just copy/paste the link into your browser http://www.batemansbaypost.com.au/story/2546213/huntfest-seeks-unrestricted-arms-fair-permit-poll/

Thanks guys
by MadMick on August 12, 2013, 10:01:00 AM
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SFP Senate Candidates, 2013 Federal Election

NSW #1 Senate Candidate - Karl Houseman
Karl spent a childhood in the outdoors on the bushy fringes of Sydney, and this experience has influenced his passion for and understanding of the outdoors. He has been involved in the arts, and has worked for two decades as an IT specialist and manager, now heading up IT for a company that turns over $500 million a year.

Karl is a regular salt- and freshwater fisherman, sharing the time with his children. He is a rifle and pistol shooter, and is part owner of the highly successful Australian Hunting Net (AHN) forum and President of the AHN hunting club. Karl understands the aspirations of ordinary working Australians, and as a “States Rights” advocate, will be an outspoken representative for NSW in the Federal Senate.

NSW Senate #2 Candidate -Jim Muirhead
Jim Muirhead is the Chairman of the Riverina Branch of the Shooters and Fishers Party. He calls himself a 50 per cent shooter, 50 per cent fisher, something that shows not only in his spare time but in his community involvement. He is active in shooting and angling clubs and organisations, holding official positions in many. Jim is passionate about rural issues – particularly Federal interference in the water rights of NSW farmers. Jim was one of the organisers in the River Red Gum Environment Alliance, an alliance of Community Organisations that fought long and hard to prevent the shutting down of the Timber Industry along the Murray.

“I believe in the sustainability of Rural NSW... like sensible water use, timber harvesting, fishing and hunting,” Jim says.

NT #1 Senate Candidate - Matt Graham
Matt Graham, 42, has been a keen angler, hunter, shooter and outdoorsman since he was a young fellow growing up on the Central Coast of NSW. After finishing school he moved to Armidale to study rural science and later began working in fishing and shooting retail. He subsequently built a successful hunting and fishing tourism business in that region. Matt first ventured to the NT in 2001 to establish a new safari hunting business, and in 2005 he purchased the well-known safari company Hunt Australia. He now divides his time between the safari work in the NT, NSW and the USA. Matt is married with three young children and has become an advocate for all recreational hunters, shooters and fishers.

NT #2 Senate Candidate - Chris Righton Chris Righton has been fishing for trout for as long as he can remember, after growing up around Bunyip in Victoria. He took up hunting as a teenager, and before his 20th birthday he’d become a keen deer stalker and member of the Australian Deer Association. He has recently moved with his wife and son to the Northern Territory, where he also enjoys riding motorcycles, four-wheel driving and other outdoor activities. A carpenter by trade, Chris now works in a camping and fishing shop to be part of the things he is passionate about. Twenty-five year old Chris is the future face of our fight to protect our outdoor lifestyles.

QLD #1 Senate Candidate - David Curless
A shooter, fisher and boatie, David Curless stood as a candidate for KAP in the 2012 Queensland State elections, was a branch president for the party and represented it as the unelected Shadow Minister for National Parks, Sport, Recreation and Racing. His horticultural background, which includes work in catchments and Heritage areas, set him up for the role. David has been heavily involved in the community, earning two SES service medals, and is a member of the Rural Fire Service and a Scout leader. David is the ideal candidate to lead the SFP in Queensland.

SA #1 Senate Candidate - Matthew (Jess) Marks
Jess Marks has an intimate knowledge of firearms handling, safety, administration and legal requirements. He has more than 20 years experience in the industry as a manager of the Marksman indoor range in South Australia. A training specialist with a BA and other courses behind him, Jess is a qualified police firearms instructor. His hands-on understanding of how firearms laws affect safety, business and individual shooters is a real asset to the Shooters & Fishers. Jess is the ideal man to lead the party’s South Australian campaign.

TAS #1 Senate Candidate - Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen, 37, is a Tasmanian with a passion for the outdoors. He is a fourth generation hunter, and keen ATV rider. For 10 years he has been either President or Vice President of his local Australian Deer Association branch, and he has spent the past three years as Chairman of the Tasmanian Deer Advisory Committee along with other related roles. Matthew is a builder, carpenter and small businessman, and knows what Tasmanian businesses and workers face in the current political and economic situation. Matthew will be a strong advocate for Tasmania as a Senator in the Federal Parliament.

TAS #2 Senate Candidate - Shane Broadby
Shane Broadby was born and bred in Tasmania, and began hunting, fishing and camping from a very early age. Those trips, with close and extended family members, left a great legacy and now Shane guides tourists and teaches fly fishing as an accredited casting instructor. He has hunted and fished interstate and overseas, holds executive positions in local and state branches of the Australian Deer Association (ADA) and is an active member of the Tasmanian Deer Advisory Committee. As a Shift Process Plant Operator at a major Tasmanian smelter, Shane fully understands the vital need to nurture Tasmania’s economy and employment opportunities by giving sustainable industry its best chance to thrive. As the owner of his own lake-country retreat, he is equally aware of how the state must treasure its environment.

VIC #1 Senate Candidate - Terry Maloney
Terry Maloney is a dedicated fisher who has spent his life along the Murray River after being born in Albury and educated in Wangaratta. He has been actively involved in the fishing fraternity for more than 40 years, having helped establish his local Walbundrie Angling Club, of which he’s now a life member. Terry is also a foundation member of the renowned South West Anglers Association and has acted as its Secretary for almost two decades. For most of the past 10 years, he has been working on the Advisory Council of Recreational Fishing (ACoRF), dealing with four Ministers during that time and gaining invaluable political and lobbying experience. Meanwhile, Terry’s community involvement has extended to various committees and associations during his life, including the Rivers and Red Gum Alliance. A carpenter/builder with an interest in farming, Terry wants to see his six grandchildren experience the same outdoor freedoms he has always enjoyed.

VIC #2 Senate Candidate - Steven Malcolm
The Vice President of the Riverina Branch of the Shooters and Fishers Party, Steven Malcolm has an extensive background in transport, logistics and mechanics after a career spanning almost 30 years. For eight years of that time, he was self-employed, gaining a greater understanding of what so many Australians face in making a living today. At the same time, this keen fresh- and saltwater fisher has fought hard for anglers’ rights and access. Steven fought on both sides of the Murray River against National Parks and resultant lockouts of fishers and campers. He wants better access for fishing and camping and opposes the arbitrary bans imposed in Marine Parks. A sportsman, vehicle restoration enthusiast and amateur dramatist, Steven is passionate about his local community and is active in executive positions in numerous clubs and associations. In particular, he is the Vice President of the South West Anglers Association, the first angling body to take a position on the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

WA #1 Senate Candidate - Murray Bow
Murray Bow leads the WA branch of the Shooters & Fishers into the 2013 Federal Election. A man of great experience who has travelled extensively in WA, he has worked in the public and private sectors as a salesman, commercial pilot, events coordinator, flying instructor, real estate representative and manager; he served in the Army Reserve and is active in the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade. Murray has been a keen shooter since his childhood, and he now hunts and is an International Shooting Sports Federation pistol shooter. He has held shooting club committee positions at both club and State level. Travelling and bush camping are favoured pastimes for Murray and his family, and Murray continues to fly, ride motorcycles, cycle, kayak and run for fitness.

WA #2 Senate Candidate - John Parkes
John Parkes campaigned for the Shooters & Fishers in the 2013 WA State election, nearly winning a second Upper House seat for the party and these same qualities have earned him a place as a WA candidate for the Federal Senate. John has the proven ability, passion and knowledge developed during 34 years of successful business ownership, where his motivation and ambition culminated in his early self-funded retirement – something that has allowed him to focus on legislative issues which affect Australians with a love of the outdoors.

“The people involved in shooting, fishing and outdoor activities feel disenfranchised by ever-increasing interference with and tightening of the laws already covering these pastimes,” he says. “The battle must be taken to the Federal Senate to stem the tide of poorly thought out legislation.”

Retirement has also allowed John to travel, enhance his property, hone his boating and fishing skills and enjoy regular hunting and shooting trips.
by MadMick on December 17, 2010, 08:56:00 PM
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Please read this thread if you value your firearms.
by MadMick on August 13, 2010, 07:22:00 PM
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Dear Friends,

As you are aware Australians will be voting in the Federal election on 21 August.

With the Labor Government “on the nose” political analysts expect the Greens to increase their vote significantly, especially in the Senate. A swing of just a few percent would see the Greens with as many as 8 Senate seats thus handing them the balance of power – a disastrous situation for all Australians but especially so for those of us involved in the shooting and fishing sports.

So please, help us stop the Greens from gaining control of the Senate.

We need your help in two key ways. Firstly we need your vote. The Shooters and Fishers Party are running 2 Senate candidates in the following States:

New South Wales:     Jim Muirhead and Al McGlashan
Victoria:   Peter Kelly and Alex Krstic
Queensland:    Andrew Peter and Chris Huggett
Western Australia:    Paul Peake and Christine Peake
Tasmania:     Ray Williams and Jeff Blackmore
Northern Territory:    Phillip Hoare and Matt Graham

Secondly we need your help in passing on our message – please pass on this message to your family and friends whether or not they are shooters or fishers. Stopping the Greens is important for all Australians.

The attached "anti-Greens" Pamphlet and Poster show how much a threat the Greens really are. We are asking supporters to help us 'spread the word' via their email networks and 'word of mouth' at club meetings, at the range and amongst family, friends and work colleagues.



If you haven't visited the Shooters and Fishers Party website yet, please have a look at: http://www.shootersandfishers.org.au/ where there's several video clips outlining our aims. Click on the 'You Have 2 Votes', 'Why Get Political' and 'How You Can Help' tabs and then click onto the video 'play' button in the middle of the screen.

Thanks for your support.


Shooters and Fishers Party

PO Box 1201 St. Marys NSW 1790
Tel: (02) 9833 1118
Fax: (02) 9833 1117
Web: http://www.shootersandfishers.org.au/
by MadMick on August 09, 2009, 04:04:00 PM
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Click on banner for application form

Hi Guys and girls,

The Shooters Party is running a new members drive from now to the end
of Feb 2010. More members mean a stronger voice where it counts.

Anyone from AHN joining, or using our custom application form
will go into the running for winning one of three prizes.

Robert Brown will draw the winner from a hat on the 28th Feb 2010,

The first prize will be Lunch with Robert Brown MLC, Roy Smith MLC & Mad
Mick in the Strangers Dining Room during the first sitting week in March

The second prize will be a Tikka T3 stainless steel synthetic rifle in 270

The third prize will be a 4X power steel tube Pecar scope, with leather
scope covers.

Membership is only $30 a year and may just cement your shooting and hunting
future. Anyone can join, its not limited to NSW residents.

Click on banner for application form
by MadMick on July 27, 2009, 10:11:00 AM
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The Shooters Party's Robert Brown has placed a Bill before the NSW Parliament which will allow hunting access to the State's National Parks.

The value of this Bill as a conservation tool is limitless and if successfully passed will help save countless native flora and fauna populations from predation by introduced and feral animals.

Sign here
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