AHN Journal Guidelines

If you want to make a submission to have your article published in the AHN Journal, all you need to do is write your story in any basic text or document format such as notepad or MS Word, attach a few photos and e-mail them to the editor. You do not need to format the story or embed the photos, just attach them to your e-mail and I will do the rest. If you like, you can nominate a title for your story.


Ideally, photos should be in .JPG format and no more than a couple of Mb in size, so if you have a digi SLR or a 10 Megapix camera, please downsize the images to a more reasonable size for ease of e-mailing. If you're unsure, don't worry we will fix them, as well as try our best to fix out of focus or under or overexposed photos. Three or four photos are usually enough to enhance most articles. You should also understand that any photos posted on the internet have the potential to be copied, however AHN will not release any material without the owner's permission but the AHN Journal and it's contents are the copyright of AHN.


Whilst this site is "for hunters & shooters by hunters & shooters", bear in mind that it is a public place and the nature of the journal is to provide a centralised library of information & articles for AHN members. Natural "Aussie language" has it's place and can add some humour in the right context but please refrain from using bad language just for the sake of it.

Article Content/Topic

Submissions should relate to shooting, fishing and outdoor activities. Technical type reviews & field tests of related equipment are also most welcome. Due to the effort required in producing a quality formatted article, shorter comments on equipment or brief hunt reports are better served by posting in the relevant AHN forums. This is only fair as we strive to do your writing efforts justice.

The owners of the forum reserve the right to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate, illegal or damaging to the shooting sports.

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