The Long Shot
Troutman dusts off a few long range  Rabbits.

Chasing Pussy
Relax......it's all good clean family fun

And On The Eighth Day...He Made Guns
Back in time to when you were a kid....scarily familiar

The Improbable Shot
A very good shot to remember indeed

Grandpa's Rifle
A close look at something you don't see everyday

The Boar
Deermaster gets inside the head of a real tusker

Mad Mick Does The Top End
His Royal Madness is turned loose on the last frontier

Three Years Coming
Sturzy nails a Flinders Island monster


Deermaster on capeing out your trophy

Friday Fox

Luke Williams sorts out a few reynards

The Stag
Deermaster gets inside the head of a stag


The Apprentice
A young bloke's journey into to the ways of the hunter

First Hunt
SMB recounts her first ever hunt

Camel Cull
Join Trevort as he sinks a few ships of the desert

Hatchett's 2008 trip to the outback

Bedtime Tails
Saladin searches through a Wolf's Eye for Fox Eyes

Tales from India
Deermaster recounts the life & times of his dad

An Old Bowhunter's Tale
Ted Mitchell Snr recounts the early days with a bow

Deermaster with the good oil on these popular deer

The NT Hunt
7600 and friends have a great hunt in the Territory

Colorado Elk Hunt
Tony Saros on a USA adventure

The Hunter or The Hunted?
Robbo's North East adventure

Hairbear's NT Adventure
Join Hairbear, Son Of Hairbear & The Animal for a top end hunt

Pachyderm Pandemonium
How about hunting Elephant.....with a crossbow?




Saint Or Sinner
The legend of the Pope Gun

I Can Hear Clearly Now
Deermaster on looking after your ears

The Hummer
Building a HMR that's a little different yourself

The Zook
Old Suzuki's never die - they become shooting buggies

The ShortMag
Troutman's favourite deer rifle

Zeus Fox Hunter
A look at another good value torch for the LED hunter

Let There Be Light
A variety of LED lighting options for the shooter

War Of The Lumens
Wolfeyes Sniper & EDI-T P3 - top LED torch contenders

A Pair Of 30 BR's
Doc gives the low down on some precision riflery

.358 CRG Wildcat - Part 1
An insight into wildcatting your own cartridge

Victory Knives
Deermaster tests some edgeware

Burris Eliminator Laser Scope
A close look at this impressive bit of gear

Burris Eliminator III
The new upgraded laser scope from Burris

Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B
Leica's compact rangefinder with ballistic output

Steinert SuperChrono
Rugged high-tech chronograph without the ears


One of the Harder Ones
Tony Orr

Karl Houseman

Red Stag
Rod Coleman & Matt Graham

The Old Boys Rendezvous
David Luxford

Chamois Bowhunt in New Zealand
Brett Vercoe


The Luck of the Jaw
Steve Carruthers

A Worthwhile Effort
Dave Whiting

Bowhunting Black Mesa
Michael Barrett

Booligal Boars
Nat Neeson

A Poms Hunt in Oz

Thrills and Spills on the Cheredizi River

Rob Kennedy

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