If you are interested in becoming a sponsor on AHN please contact Admin and we will organise it right away.

We have two packages available. The first (Option 1) includes a banner as you see at the top of our forums, access to the Commercial Classifieds, the right to advertise your business and products anywhere on the forums, a smaller banner in your signature line and a Business username if you choose too. You also get added to this sponsor page where you can tell people a little bit about yourself. You can also have your own "Questions and Answers" forum where you can make announcements about products and interact with the members. You have moderating rights to these forum sections.

The second (Option 2) package will consist of a signature link, your business name as a username, a access to the commercial classifieds section. You can also supply a standard banner and some info about your business to put on our sponsor page. Of course, any further additions or services we come up with, you will also be entitled too.

The cost is $500.00AU per year for option 1, $250.00AU for option 2. Should you wish to run more than one banner, we drop the price of the second banner to half price, this is only available to Option 1 sponsors. As AHN is a not for profit organisation, all monies go toward the running costs of the site and any charity funds we run. It may also be used for prizes for competitions. You can either supply us with a banner to use, sized at 455x58, or we can arrange to make one for you at a cost of $75.00.

At the moment, the site has close to 9,500 members, and is seeing between 750 and 1000 posts a day. Since May 2017 we are seeing over 7.5 - 9 million hits a month. We are chewing up over 100 Gigabytes of traffic each month, our members are viewing over 2.5 million posts a month and we have over 75,000 unique visits each month.

AHN is currently one of the biggest, most busy forums in Australia and is growing by an average 3 new members each day. As such we moved the whole site to a brand new dedicated server in New Zealand in July 2013 to cope with the traffic and load. If you want to see our current site stats, have a look here.

Should you wish to take up either option, please email the Admin and include which option you would like, whether you need a banner made, or if you need a Q&A section. If you could also include the name and address you would like the invoice sent to that will speed the process up.


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